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"I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."
Ronald Reagan

What are they? Where do they come from? There have been uncountable observations of UFOs throughout the ages. But are they visitors from outer space or can they be explained otherwise? Is there just a straight-forward, or maybe not-so-straight-forward, but nevertheless rational or scientific based explanation for these strange phenomena in the skies? Well the evidence seems to suggest there maybe much truth behind the alien source of UFOs!

It is about time that the UFO phenomenon was clarified and the public were made aware of their reality. We don't need to blame governments for their secrets and cover-ups over the last few decades. But governments of the world now need to stand up and admit to a mature public that we are not the only planet with intelligent life forms. And surely there are many technological things to learn from these more advanced life forms that would greatly benefit all mankind, and help solve the enormous problems facing planet Earth today especially in the areas of energy, pollution, famine and disease control.

UFOs have been recorded in history as far back as 6000 years in ancient Sumeria and India, in Biblical times in the Middle East, and in the great ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America such as the Inca, Olmecs, Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

Ancients Astronauts?
From the Camonica Valley Italy about 10000 BC

There is much evidence of this 'Paleocontact' or 'Ancient Astronaut Theory' in the form of out-of-place (OAP) artifacts, figurines, biblical scriptures, ancients texts, cave paintings and cargo cults, etc. But then visits, or records of them, seemed to have ceased until the 1940s (Foo Fighters, Roswell, etc). From that point on there has been an overwhelming amount of sightings.

Why did they stay away for a period of time? Why did they come back? What do they want? And now it seems that they have a more sinister approach, as alien abduction records started about 50 years ago (Betty and Barney Hill, in 1961, is the first ever recorded encounter of this type). Of course since 1961 there have been millions of recorded abductions. Or maybe they were abducting people for thousands of years, and there are just no records or evidence of it to-date.

Why do some many abductees have similar experiences, and similar abductors? Is it just ideas planted in their subconscious from hearing or reading about abductions? Or is it actually the same alien race carrying out the abductions following a particular agenda or plan, hence the similarities in the abductors and the examinations they carry out? Are there any abductees that describe their experience and we can prove that they could not possibly have pre-conceived ideas of their abductors?

Are Governments of the world withholding information on UFOs? A wide-spread conspiracy of silence and cover-ups. The story of UFOs appears to have two histories, a public one and a hidden one. It is possible that governments do have evidence to support the existence of UFOs but if so surely at least some of this hard evidence would have found its way into the public domain. Surely, there would be some, or many, credible whistle blowers that would come forth from the depths of the intelligence and military communities, and help answer that intriguing but yet nagging uncertainty regarding UFOs that has aroused our curiosity since perhaps the dawn of civilization. Or maybe governments are as perplexed as the man in the street with all these apparent UFO incidents. Then again, many have come forward and given evidence, in forums such as 'The Disclosure Project', led by Steven Greer.

Maybe the most important question that has to be addressed is whether they pose any security threat to us. Perhaps they do, and governments are doing the world a favour, avoiding mass public panic. Maybe research is ongoing into the technology behind UFOs with the intention of developing devices and weapons to combat the threat in the near future. But would the official government recognition of UFOs have a positive or negative impact on society?

But if UFOs were a security threat, surely they would abduct people like Steven Greer, William Moore, Timothy Good, the people who are trying to expose them. They would surely be monitoring the world's media. So if they are in our presence it looks like they are not a threat but here just to monitor and observe.

And what about UFOs and Religion? What religion would they be? Would they believe in a God? Wouldn't it be incredible if they too believed in a God, a creator, if they too had prophets like our very own Jesus or Muhammad, and had amongst their writings, a Bible or Koran equivalent. What would be the impact on us if they had the same or similar beliefs as us? If they had good/evil concept, heaven/hell concept and a belief in life after death. It would surely be too much of a coincidence, it would have to mean there is a God, it would be indisputable evidence! Wouldn't it?

Certain people need to understand that there is no conflict between a belief in extra-terrestrials and a belief in God and Religion. The one God can obviously be responsible for the creation of life in many solar systems, many Galaxies, or all Galaxies. And while belief in one God, let's say the Christian one, can be considered challenging, coming to terms with their being numerous Gods (eg, Christian and Muslim) is a much greater challenge, or should I say having to choose between a number of Gods. But yet an even greater challenge lies ahead of mankind when we are faced with an even greater number of Gods in various forms that we will be made aware of in the distant, or maybe not so distant future by extra-terrestrials as they relate their own experiences of their God(s) and Religion(s).