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Inspirational speeches, they move people, they inspire people, magical moments in human history, their significance increases as humanity matures and time moves forward.

No 1. Martin Luther King, Washington DC, August 1963. I have a dream - a speech about freedom, imagine a life without hatred, predjudice, racism. No script or notes, no autocues, just from the heart.........

No 2. Carl Sagan, 1994 (Scientists don't get more inspirational than this, no doubt there are countless scientists around the world today in that awesome profession purely because they were inspired by him), From the Book 'Pale Blue Dot', 1994, accompanied by the magical musicial theme from 'Cosmos'. Technically not a speech, but I will include it anyway because, well actually............. I don't need to explain.

No 3. Robert Kennedy - April 1968 - It was a dark and despairing time in the 1960s USA, and these sincere words from his heart helped so many black and non-black people on that fateful night. You can only wonder if Robert Kennedy could have changed the world for the better?

Sadly these three gallant and heroic people shuffled off this mortal coil before their time. Wherever they are now, what a wonderful rich place it must be.